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Logo of UrbIS, the Brussels-Capital Region’s smart city digital map

A single digital map for the region

29 May 2015

A single digital map of the Brussels-Capital Region available to anyone, not just the administrations. That’s the idea behind UrbIS, a set of geographical databases managed by the Brussels-Capital Region and made freely available through online services. It's a smart idea that has been under development for more than 20 years.

The digital map of the Brussels-Capital Region is one of the strategic cornerstones of Distributed under the Open Data mechanism, anyone can access it and use it for free. Furthermore, it is a key component in the establishment of proactive services based on the integration of data and services in the Brussels-Capital Region.
The development of UrbIS is one of the key tasks of the BRIC for the benefit of the entire region. The BRIC is responsible for managing the map, producing the data, keeping it up to date at all times and making it available to anyone who wants to use it.

Three UrbiS solutions are offered:
  • UrbIS Data: a set of cartographic and alphanumeric data specific to the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region
  • UrbIS Tools: access to UrbIS data for use in an application without needing to download it
  • UrbIS Applications: interactive online cartographic applications to manage professional data on an UrbIS base map
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