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Two services checks

Service vouchers, benefiting from the smart city

27 July 2016

The Fidus platform, which supports the activities of the integrator of services for the Brussels Region, is now up and running. Brussels Economy and Employment has taken the first step for its needs of validating service voucher users. Smart administration is under way!

The smart city wants to provide practical solutions to its citizens, particularly through better use of computer data already in the possession of the public services. This is the case in the Brussels-Capital Region of the platform which exchanges electronic data between public authorities.

The direct benefit of is avoiding having to contact the various public services to gather information needed for an administrative procedure. It is now a rule: public authorities can no longer ask you for information to which they themselves have access. In other words, it is no longer your responsibility to have to gather the information needed for your procedure, but for the authorities to deal with it themselves.

Towards faster, more effective and efficient administrative procedures

The first practical results of have been achieved by the public authority, Brussels Economy and Employment (BEE). Since mid-June 2016, it uses to validate, directly with the federal authorities of the National Register, whether new applicants for the services vouchers are actually alive and living in the Brussels-Capital Region.

In practice, the platform enables the BEE to carry out this check more quickly and effectively: this is all to the good since the operator of the service vouchers can then speed up its management of the files of the service voucher users. So ultimately it is the citizen who benefits.

​Brussels Economy and Employment is thus a pioneer among the various Brussels institutions which like it have tested out without yet making it operational. Other practical applications of the platform are due to come into service soon. Logo of Brussels Economy and Employment
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