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Smart meters, already a reality for some consumers !

03 January 2017

Remote reading? This has already gained a foothold in Brussels: the very large electricity consumers have been having their meters read remotely every day for more than fifteen years. Smart metering? This mini revolution for residential customers should become a reality in a few years. And between the two, the average consumers: they also have been enjoying a remote metering system recently.

Until recently, large retailers, museums, schools, medium-sized companies, etc. had to open their doors every month to a Sibelga meter reader. Today, these major consumers are enjoying a new remote reading system. This means more efficient index reading and fewer estimations - and therefore fewer subsequent bill alterations.

Work to achieve this outcome has been necessary in the field, to adapt the meters and develop specific telecoms and IT solutions.

Counting the very large consumers that have already enjoyed a remote reading service for several years, a total of some 10,000 meters are today read remotely. This accounts for about half the electricity consumption volumes and a third of the gas volumes.

Sibelga has gained experience with this project that will be invaluable when remote reading becomes standardised.

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