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Public CCTV cameras in the Brussels smart city

More efficient use of CCTV

29 May 2015

More than 3500 public CCTV cameras, managed by various authorities, are installed in the Brussels-Capital Region. wishes to improve how they are used by enabling images to be shared between all authorities, a project that will lead to more efficient use of images and reduce the overall cost of CCTV for public bodies.

In the smart city data gathered on the ground are processed using digital technologies. Sensors that can tell whether a parking space is free or a glass-recycling container needs emptying, say. 

CCTV is one of these sensors. Public CCTV cameras in the Brussels-Capital Region allow police to see what is happening on the ground, STIB to monitor its public transport network and Brussels Mobility to keep an eye on traffic hotspots on the region’s roads.

So why not share these images? That’s the aim of the project in the Brussels-Capital Region. CCTV cameras are a key link in the chain of prevention, safety and emergency response. However, they could also be used for traffic management or in the coordination of events that attract large crowds. advocates the following:

  • A new CCTV image sharing platform using the IRISnet network
  • Platform hosting and data storage at the region’s secure data centre
In doing so, care must be taken to ensure all applicable legal provisions are complied with, including privacy and data storage laws.

The CCTV sharing project is carried out by the BRIC on behalf of the Brussels-Capital Region, in association with IRISnet with regard to technical matters.
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