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Computer as a gateway to public services

My smart public services

29 May 2015

Smart cities can barely remember a time when administrative matters were not taken care of electronically. The smart administration goes a couple of steps farther by sharing data between the various public services. The goal is to deliver a proactive public service.

At present, the application procedure for permits, exemptions, grants, allowances and so on involves filling out forms based on information that often comes from different sources, such as your private address, income and household composition, your qualifications and the schools you have been enrolled in.In the future, you’ll no longer have to request all of this information from different bodies. You’ll have the proactive public service to thank for that. An electronic platform will enable the different administrations to share the data they manage and need, you will no longer have to find and enter all this information yourself. For instance, you can get a school season ticket for public transport for your child automatically when you enrol him or her in school.This proactive public service project is based on the e-administration partnership between Belgium’s federal state, regions and communities. In the Brussels-Capital Region it is managed by the BRIC.

Did you know?

In the Brussels-Capital Region, a lot of practical matters can be taken care of online through the IRISbox one-stop shop.
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