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Survey: the priorities of the digital school

Survey: the priorities of the digital school

06 June 2017

From February to May 2017, visitors to this portal had the opportunity to express how much priority should be given to educational matters in the smart city. Teacher training obtained most votes from the public in this survey.

Schools of course have their place in the smart city and, more concretely, must evolve in harmony with the digital transition. On 8 March 2017, the event Brussels Smart City for Education brought together players from the education and ICT (information and communication technology) worlds around this question: “How can young citizens become future smart citizens?”

Between these 4 priorities…

On the occasion of this event, the portal itself organised this survey of its visitors: “To fruitfully introduce digital technology into schools and into learning in general, what in your opinion should be done as a priority?”
The choice was between four possible answers:
  • Train teachers to use digital applications
  • Train pupils to use internet tools intelligently
  • An impetus from the public authorities /school managements
  • An in-depth review of how knowledge is transferred and shared

…the target audience, teachers and their methods

The public of the portal voted first and foremost for two measures which directly involve those on the front line of education: teacher training (38.5% of opinions) and a revision of how knowledge is transferred and shared (32.7%). Therefore it is the teaching methods themselves and those who implement them on a daily basis which are a priority for education in the smart city.
Training for pupils comes 3rd in the votes (21.2%) but visitors to the portal do not seem to want to impose responsibility for this change on the public authorities or school managements.
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