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STIB: your ticket soon to be on your bank card

01 June 2017

STIB was a pioneer in launching the MOBIB card in Belgium before other public transport operators. Now, STIB is focusing on the future and anticipating emerging technologies in terms of ticketing. From 2019, it will be possible to validate a transport ticket using a bank card.

Today, the MOBIB card is compulsory for those wanting to use the STIB network. It can be bought at BOOTIKs, KIOSKs, Go terminals and even online. In the future, transport tickets will be completely electronic and not linked to a single MOBIB card and other mediums such as a bank card, mobile phone or other connected object will make it possible to travel. 
STIB's ultimate aim is to develop a platform that will centralise a remote database, accessible online. The passenger will connect to this database using their preferred payment medium. Their travel account will be debited at the end of the day (for example). This system could be used by other public transport operators, from cycle hire to car sharing, all transparent to the passenger. 

First phase: late 2018

Banks are in the process of issuing contactless cards to their customers. By the end of 2018, every Belgian citizen should have received their next-generation bank card. STIB is ready to offer the option of using this new medium on its network. This system will also be attractive for tourists or occasional users who do not have a MOBIB card. From 2019, occasional passengers will be able to use their bank card as a transport ticket by validating it and travelling. An account will then be created.

A more practical journey

Passengers are increasingly looking for multi-modal solutions not only between STIB transport methods but also TEC and De Lijn in Brussels, the S trains of the SNCB, car sharing, bike hire, etc. Such passengers are particularly fond of mobile solutions and card payments. 
STIB is therefore already thinking post-MOBIB where passengers can register through a mobile application and link their preferred payment method to it, which will make the transport offer in Brussels more flexible and attractive. 
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