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Brussels cultural agenda now available as Open Data

Brussels cultural agenda now available as Open Data

27 July 2017

A collaboration between the BRIC and

The Brussels cultural agenda is now available for free as Open Data on the Brussels regional portal This project is the fruit of a collaboration between the BRIC and offers the most complete Brussels cultural agenda on its website, with more than 20,000 events, concerts, exhibitions, events, etc. a year.

The free provision of this information, which can be downloaded with a free licence, opens the door to the development of multiple applications. Why not an app that combines information on public transport and events, or hotels that offer their guests a module with all the cultural events organised within a one-kilometre radius? The list of possible applications is limitless. Both Brussels residents and visitors can all benefit from it.

Since 2016, the public institutions of Brussels have been distributing the maximum amount of data free of charge on the portal, for journalists, businesses, students, etc. It contains, for example, data linked to mobility (real-time position of the vehicles of the STIB), map data (Brussels in 3D), data on Brussels heritage, government spending, etc.

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