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09 October 2017

Starting in 2018, the most polluting vehicles will be progressively banned from the Brussels-Capital Region.

Why a low emission zone (LEZ)

Some pollutants from car traffic have a negative impact on our health: increased respiratory disorders and conditions, decreased respiratory capacity, bronchitis, asthma, etc. By progressively banning access to the Brussels Region for the most polluting vehicles, we help improve air quality.

What impact will there be on air quality?

The introduction of the LEZ in Brussels will reduce the emissions of the most harmful pollutants, namely fine particulate matter (especially black carbon) and nitrogen oxides. Improved air quality will benefit everyone and will contribute in particular to improving the health of the people of Brussels.

And in concrete terms, how will the LEZ work?

All the concrete information on the LEZ (who is affected, who may obtain an exemption, the area covered, the amount of the fine, etc.) is available on the website
The implementation of the LEZ is a project that involves the collaboration of several authorities and stakeholders, in particular: Brussels Environment, Brussels Mobility, the Computer Centre for the Brussels Region, Brussels Prevention & Security and Brussels Taxation. Brussels LEZ (Low Emission Zone) advertising poster
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