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Uraia - Citizenship Series on smart technologies - Big Data in cities

The annual meeting of the URAIA network held in Brussels in 2018

13 February 2018

Delegates from more than 60 cities and their partners around the world will gather in Brussels, on May 30th and 31st, to debate the theme “Using data to empower cities and their citizens”. Pre-registrations are now open.

A hundred international participants are expected to attend. They will discuss, debate and promote their experience on using big data and open data for urban management.

Uraia is a discussion platform created in 2014 by UN-Habitat and FMDV (International alliance of local and regional governments) aimed at promoting the emergence and the dissemination of urban solutions in favour of active citizenship. Uraia provides support to local governments with using technologies and smart solutions for urban management.

Every year, the platform brings together its members for an annual meeting. In 2018, the Brussels-Capital Region, with the help of the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre's, was choosen to host this meeting. Pre-registrations are now open.
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