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Objectives within sight for the Smart City’s IT Projects

02 February 2018

In 2017, the average value of the KPIs set up by the Informatics Centre for the Brussels Region (CIRB) to measure the technological projects of the Brussels-Capital Region was more than 100%! This largely positive outcome is due to the wider coverage of the network but also to the progress made by optical fibre and Open Data.

In 2017, coverage of the network was greatly extended in the Brussels region. The consequence: the key performance indicators or KPIs measuring the progress of the network has now reached more than three times the target value set in 2014 by the CIRB as its objective for the 2014-2019 period!
Open Data is also very healthy in the Brussels region: the CIRB KPI measuring the increase in the use of open data as well as administrative authorities opening up their data in 2017 reached 116% of its target value.
Very close to the target, the indicators related to sustainable administration also set the tone of the progress of the IT projects of the smart city in the Brussels region. This is also true for mobile applications which experienced one of their strongest accelerations in 2017.

The challenges of and their KPIs

  • The KPIs regarding the connection by schools and administrative authorities in Brussels to broad or even very broad band as well as the deployment of the regional and free public wifi network,, thus meet the challenge of building a connected region.
    • Value of the “broadband connection” KPI: 85%
    • Value of the “free regional wifi coverage” KPI: 308%
  • The contribution of the authorities to a sustainable region, is measured by the positive impact dematerialisation by the administrative authorities has on printing official documents and “physically” transporting them.
    • Value of the “paperfree administration” KPI: 96%
    • Value of the “rduction in motorized transport” KPI: 93%
  • To contribute to an open area, the CIRB is implementing the Region’s Open Data strategy and accelerating the use of mobile applications by the Brussels authorities.
    • Value of the “Open Data” KPI: 116%
    • Value of the “Mobile initiatives ans apps” KPI: 67%
  • Finally, the deployment of a video-protection platform is contributing to a reassuring region for all.
    • Value of the “Shared CCTV” KPI: 58%
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