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For fluid, fast mobility: the multimodal sat-nav

23 June 2015

At last, optimised and efficient travel thanks to the multimodal sat-nav, an idea suggested by Boris (Uccle)

In Brussels, each means of transport available has its own smartphone application: the public transport company, the national railway company, Villo! (bicycle hire service), Djump (car pooling service), E-cab (taxi service), etc. Over one-third of the people of Brussels do not consult a route planner before starting their journey. This share increases the farther removed from the Region they are.

The idea behind the multimodal sat-nav is to bring together all the current applications on a single platform, in one service, with the creation of a mobility companion. This tool will be available on smartphones, on a dedicated internet site or via terminals in railway and metro stations.

This application will offer a single reference system for the transport available, aiming to integrate all the data from the various mobility players. It will offer the possibility of choosing the most efficient means of transport anywhere, at any time.

The service will also inform users of the traffic situation before they start their journey and along the way, suggesting alternative routes combining all means of transport in the event of any disruption. The service will be based on an intuitive method of use which will facilitate all journeys taken across the Brussels-Capital Region.

At last, optimised and efficient travel thanks to the multimodal sat-nav. Logos of mobility stakeholders in Brussels
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