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Smart traffic control

03 November 2015

Non-mandatory system for controlling traffic at rush hour, by reserving your journey using traffic optimisation software

Several urban centres charge a toll or alternate registration numbers ﴾even and odd﴿ during pollution peaks to reduce damage.

Almost all vehicles have a GPS system these days. This new system is used to make a booking for your own vehicle. It is a proposal, non-mandatory, and works through the GPS system that is connected to the internet. Its aim would be to minimise traffic jams, and thus minimise pollution while retaining the freedom of citizens to cross the city by car.

The system is based on the driver setting off on a planned journey a little earlier or later. The system calculates the departures of each driver and the journeys to minimise the number of vehicles on each road in the region.

It would be perfect if all drivers used this system, but it would not be mandatory. To begin with, the system could be based on the traffic data of “Brussels Mobility”.

To encourage people to use this GPS-based system, the road tax could be increased for those who do not use the system and reduced for regular users. The more a driver uses the system and respects the route and departure time suggested by the GPS, the more he/she is rewarded, like the LOOPs points system of Brussels Airlines.

When using the system, drivers will affix a “I book my journey” sticker to their windscreen to promote the system. A subsequent step could be banning travel in restricted zones in town and city centres for drivers who do not display the reservation on their windscreen and who therefore would be non-priority.

Other proposals for the future would be to subsidise the purchase of GPS devices fitted with the system, synchronise certain traffic lights with the system, etc.
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