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Poll: the public votes for Wi-Fi in public spaces and the metro

26 November 2015

Public spaces and the metro came out on top in the poll “Where do you want Wi-Fi” conducted on this portal between 3 June and 24 November. A new Urbizone poll has already replaced it on line.

Five categories of public places were submitted to users of the portal for their assessment in order to determine the priority zones for expanding the Urbizone regional Wi-Fi network. The votes cast showed a clear preference for public spaces and metro stations, as can be seen from the final result of the poll:
  • public spaces: 47%
  • metro: 35%
  • public buildings: 9%
  • Villo bike sharing stations: 6%
  • public libraries: 3%.

New poll to choose the next public spaces to be covered by Urbizone

The territory of the Brussels-Capital Region is covered by a growing number of Urbizone hotspots, with priority given to public spaces. 
  • The new poll on this portal now offers the opportunity to choose which busy public place in the Region, from among seven proposals, will receive Wi-Fi as a priority before the end of spring 2016.
  • By the end of 2015, the first Urbizone access point in the Brussels metro will be opened at Rogier station, a nerve centre of the STIB network.

The Urbizone network combines the smart city and the fight against the digital divide

Launched back in 2006, Urbizone is one of the pillars of the smart city strategy in the Brussels-Capital Region. It aims to support the use of mobile devices in the capital of Europe while at the same time helping to fight against the digital divide. One of the most recent Urbizone sites, for instance, covers the Simon Bolivar esplanade near North Station. In the midst of the refugee crisis, the opening of this point made it possible to offer mobile Internet access to the occupants of Maximilien Park. 
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