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Do you live in the Brussels-Capital Region? Or do you work here, or come to visit? would like to invite you to contribute towards the citizens’ ideas box. You can:

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Your idea will be submitted for the assessment of the moderators of the portal. Your idea may be rejected without any justification from them. Ideas with content that is for example offensive, unlawful, illegal, defamatory, denigrating, discriminatory, commercial or that constitutes advertising will not be taken into account.

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  • only your first name and the descriptive elements of your suggestion will be visible to website users; the other information is collected for statistical purposes and will be processed anonymously;
  • the portal moderators will publish the outline of your suggestion without making any changes at all in the original language;
  • moreover, you expressly authorise the portal moderators to publish:

    • a literal translation of your suggestion in the other languages of the portal;
    • possibly a brief outline of your suggestion and/or a title, adapted to the voting mechanism for website visitors.

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