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Key players

More Smart City Brussels partners will be added to this list in the weeks and months to come.

Brussels Mobility

Brussels Mobility is the Brussels-Capital Region administration responsible for equipment, infrastructure and transport. Its primary challenge is reconciling economic growth – and ever-greater transport needs – with improved quality of life and sustainable development.

Brussels Mobility is responsible for defining the mobility of tomorrow in the Brussels-Capital Region,actively participating in the implementation of the Brussels smart city based on its strategic plans. Smarter Cities Challenge, Brussels Mobility is behind the Brussels-Capital Region’s participation in IBM’s .

Brussels Mobility website
Brussels Mobility

Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC)

The Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC) is the public interest agency of the Brussels-Capital Region responsible for regional and communal IT. The BRIC’s remit is to organise, promote and spread the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) among the various Brussels target groups:

As such, the BRIC is a driving force in the digital transition of Brussels and the creation of a smart city at regional level, as set down in the White Paper 2014-2019: a connected, sustainable, open and safe region. The common theme running through all the BRIC’s initiatives is sharing resources to ensure durability, efficiency and innovation to the benefit of everyone.

The regional government has given the BRIC the responsibility for setting out the digital transition strategy and organising the Brussels Smart City Summit.

Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC) website
Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC)


The Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation (Innoviris) promotes and supports technological innovation by funding scientific research projects undertaken by businesses and research bodies registered in Brussels. Innoviris supports the vision of an active, competitive, innovative, knowledge-based Brussels-Capital Region.

Innoviris provides its beneficiaries with access to initiatives and funding connected with the smart city concept, particularly European Union calls for tender.

Innoviris website


IRISnet manages and develops the telecommunication services on the Brussels-Capital Region’s broadband network. The bedrock of IT development in Brussels, IRISnet covers the entire region with over 300km of optical fibre cables.

IRISnet is a regional force in the development of added-value telecommunication infrastructure and services for Brussels institutions, with the aim of improving the efficiency and user-friendliness of services to inhabitants, businesses and visitors. This vision will strengthen the position of Brussels as a smart city at global level.

This public-private partnership was established in 2012 under a ten-year public contract. IRISnet brings together 122 principals, including the Brussels-Capital Region, the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre and the Brussels institutions that use this network (such as communes, CPAS, minister’s offices, police zones and social housing corporations). Mobistar is the private partner in IRISnet.

IRISnet website

Impulse is the leading partner for any starting or experienced entrepreneur in the Brussel-Capital region. It provides specific replies to questions regarding entrepreneurship in the Brussels-Capital region as well as individual support and guidance in a broad number of areas, namely the creation of an enterprise, funding, financial grants, environmental or town planning regulations, funding for European research and innovation projects (National Contactpoint for Horizon2020), etc…

Its advice is free and independent.

Impulse website
Impulse, the group which is formed by the Brussels Regional Investment Company and its subsidiaries, is the institution for governmental financial support of the Brussels-Capital Region. Its task consists in supporting the development and expansion of companies. By offering multiple types of financial assistances, such as loans, capital injections or co-financing, offers an adapted solution to candidate entrepreneurs and companies in Brussels in every developmental stage. has a particular attention for young, innovating businesses in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The investment approach of focuses on a lasting and constructive partnership with the company, by advising it through every developmental stage. website

Brussels Urban Development

Brussels Urban Development (BUD) serves as a centre of knowledge, ideas and actions which lead to the territory's development in order to respond to the Region's social, economic and environmental challenges by contributing to the definition of a regulatory framework and coordinating action programmes.

BUD implements these objectives through the following missions:

1. Planning: ensure an overall vision and a framework for the development of the Region through the drafting and monitoring of strategic and regulatory plans as well as the execution of studies and observatories evaluating the implementation of these plans.

2. Urban planning: manage planning and subdivision permits, process impact studies and reports, manage urban planning violations and appeals; write and monitor regional and local urban planning legislation.

3. Built heritage: preserve and integrate the built heritage into the environment of contemporary life via the inventory, protection, restoration, promotion and information of the public with regard to this heritage.

4. Urban renovation: improve the environment and social cohesion in disadvantaged neighbourhoods via integrated urban development operations implemented in partnership with the inhabitants, municipalities and other public operators.

5. Housing: facilitate access to housing for the less fortunate, combat empty housing and favour the improvement of the quality of housing by granting aids for renovation as well as by controlling habitability and hygiene standards.

Brussels Urban Development website
Brussels Urban Development

Brussels Economy and Employment

Brussels Economy and Employment's mission is to develop sustainable economy and employment in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is one of seven administrative bodies within the Brussels Regional Public Service. Its services are primarily focused on businesses and workers.

BEE’s three principal missions are:

1. To develop the economy
BEE’s role is to encourage sustainable economic development, taking into account the specific nature of the Brussels economy.

2. To support employment
This administration supports those creating employment in the Brussels-Capital Region. It also has the responsibility to establish an auditing policy.

3. To guide investors and companies involved in exports
The administration supports businesses in Brussels in their undertakings towards internationalisation and looks to attract foreign investors.

Brussels Economy and Employment website
Brussels Economy and Employment website

Economic and Social Council of the Brussels-Capital Region

The Economic and Social Council of the Brussels-Capital Region was created under the ordinance of 8 September 1994 and was installed on 11 May 1995.

It unites representatives of the federations of employers, self-employed, the nonprofit sector and employees in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The Economic and Social Council of the Brussels-Capital Region is the main consultative body of the Brussels’ Region.

Economic and Social Council of the Brussels-Capital Region website
Economic and Social Council of the Brussels-Capital Region is the Brussels tourist agency. Its mission is to bolster and spread the image of the Brussels-Capital Region. wishes to put Brussels on the local and international map as the capital of 500 million Europeans, the "world city" where 180 different nationalities mingle, making Brussels a cosmopolitan place with permanent links to the rest of the world. The agency is organized around five themes, each with its own specific mission: website

The Brussels Energy Regulator (BRUGEL – Brussels Gas Electricity)

BRUGEL has been given the task of advising the public authorities concerning the organisation and operation of the regional energy market, as well as of monitoring and checking the implementation of the related ordinances and decrees. For a full list of the regulator’s missions, please refer to the Ordinance of 19 July 2001, commonly known as the “electricity ordinance”.

BRUGEL has also drawn up a strategic definition of its commitments to the smooth operation of the market, a smart grid and vigilant consumer protection.

The Brussels Energy Regulator (BRUGEL – Brussels Gas Electricity) website
The Brussels Energy Regulator (BRUGEL – Brussels Gas Electricity)

Brussels International

As capital of the European Union the Brussels-Capital Region is home to several international institutions and organisations. Its openness to the world is reflected in a dynamic foreign policy. Within the Brussels Regional Public Service, the Brussels International directorate plays an active role in this foreign policy. It is tasked with coordinating the Region’s relations and representation around the world.

Brussels International website
Brussels International

Brussels Invest & Export

Brussels Invest & Export is the body in charge of promoting exports and attracting overseas investment in the Brussels-Capital Region. It takes an active part in the Region’s economic development via a twofold mission:

To this end, each year, it organises a wide range of overseas promotion actions (missions, trade fairs, seminars, etc.). Its global network of 95 economic and trade attachés advises Brussels enterprises in the field and showcases Brussels abroad.

With a view to fostering the smart-city sector, Brussels Invest & Export encourages related enterprises (especially those in the ICT sector) to go international. By means of themed seminars, it also promotes Brussels to foreign companies in the sector and creates a stimulating ecosystem in which smart cities are able to develop.

Brussels Invest & Export website
Brussels Invest & Export


As the Brussels public employment service, Actiris’ ambition is to become, with its partners, the public provider of Brussels employment solutions, recognised as such by both Job Seekers and Employers. As a public service, its ambition is to provide, with its partners, tailored solutions as well as effective and free tools, adapted to the specific needs of its users.

As the public employment service, aware of the essential role of employment in contributing to the economic health of the Brussels-Capital Region and ensuring social cohesion, its ambition is to provide, with its partners, solutions for high-quality employment for all.

As the Brussels public employment service, its ambition is to provide, with its partners, employment solutions in the Region in all its aspects and all its diversity. In this regard, Actiris will ensure in a cross-functional way that it fights in favour of diversity and non-discrimination, in particular through its anti-discrimination programme.

Actiris website


Missions, values and commitments
STIB takes care of the mobility of more than 800,000 people every day. With more than 7,000 workers and office staff, it is also one of the largest companies in Brussels in terms of activities and jobs.

For the benefit of the environment
As an inevitable partner in durable transportation in Brussels, STIB prevents the atmosphere from absorbing more than 200 000 ton of CO2 per year. But the public transport company's role in preserving the quality of life in Brussels also manifests itself in the goodwill to further reduce the impact of its activities on the urban environment: durable acquisitions, managing its consumption (water, energy,...), measures against noise and vibrations, etc.

STIB/MIVB website

Bruxelles Environnement

Brussels Environment is the administrative authority for the environment and energy of the Brussels-Capital Region.  Its missions are the study, monitoring and management of air, water, soil, waste, noise and nature.

It also issues environmental licences and verifies their compliance, develops and supports environmental education projects in Brussels schools and participates in meetings and negotiations at the Belgian and international levels.

It is an administrative authority which contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of life and the environment of the citizens of Brussels.

Bruxelles Environnement website
Bruxelles Environnement

Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis (BISA)

The Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis (BISA) centralises and coordinates all statistical activities at the level of the Brussels-Capital Region in accordance with the Belgian Ordinance on Regional Statistics published on 14 May 2014 in the Belgian Official Journal. BISA collects, analyses and disseminates statistical data concerning Brussels. It also performs socio-economic analyses and helps the government assess public policies.
BISA’s various missions are:

For further nformation:

Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis (BISA) website
Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis (BISA)


A major environmental player, Bruxelles-Propreté helps improve quality of life in the Brussels Region. Its missions are to collect and process household waste as well as clean the region’s roads, with a view to serving the needs of the population. It also plays an important part in educating the region’s inhabitants in their role as citizens and supports their day-to-day management of their waste.
Bruxelles-Propreté is constantly growing. With its 2,700 staff, it is now one of the Brussels-Capital Region’s main employers of low-skilled labour. 85% of its staff are manual workers. Most of them are aged 25 to 35 and unqualified, or temporarily registered as jobseekers before being hired. 15% of the staff work in administration, facility maintenance and vehicle maintenance. 70% are contractual employees and 30% statutory employees.

Bruxelles-Propreté website


Sibelga is the distribution network operator of the electricity and natural gas networks in the Brussels-Capital Region.  As such, Sibelga works to manage, maintain and expand these networks. In addition, Sibelga is in charge of meter readings and the verification and administration of the readings, to enable the energy suppliers to accurately bill their customers for their gas and power consumption.

Moreover, Sibelga has been tasked with various public service obligations, which include the management of the public lighting network on municipal roads and the regulated (minimum) supply of gas and power to protected customers.

Over the past two decades, the utilities company has also developed comprehensive expertise in energy technologies. This enables the company to offer customers with large heating requirements co-generation partnerships and to offer the Brussels municipalities energy accounting services.

Sibelga employs around 1,000 staff. With 71 million euros in investments in 2015, it is the third largest recurrent investor in Brussels.

Sibelga website

The Port of Brussels

The Port of Brussels manages a port estate of 105 hectares in the Brussels-Capital Region, located along the Antwerp-Brussels-Charleroi canal, which crosses Brussels over a length of 14 kilometres.

The Port is in charge of the traditional port operator missions: it hosts approximately 200 companies on its estate, active in various sectors (construction, logistics, petroleum products, etc.). The Port is also the manager of the waterway in Brussels and consequently takes care of the maintenance and performance of the canal, the lift bridges and the locks in Brussels.

Brussels is the second largest Belgian inland port and enjoys an ideal location in the centre of Europe. It is a seaport accessible 24/7, 5 hour’s sailing from the Port of Antwerp via a canal that has only two locks between Brussels and Antwerp. The Port of Brussels offers 5.5 km of quays along the waterway which crosses the Brussels Region from north to south. The Port of Brussels has the objective of promoting water transport (the most environment-friendly mode of transport), the development of employment, and the fight against global warming and for better urban distribution.


The Port of Brussels website
The Port of Brussels

Société du Logement de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (SLRB)

The Société du Logement de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (Housing Company of the Brussels-Capital Region) (SLRB for short) is responsible for social housing.
Social housing is for people who meet admission criteria. 

The public service property companies (SSIS) are under the authority of the SLRB. They deal with the rental of the housing that they manage.

Société du Logement de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (SLRB) website
Société du Logement de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (SLRB)

Bruxelles Formation

Bruxelles Formation is the French-speaking professional training public service for people residing in Brussels; the Dutch-speaking equivalent is VDAB-Brussel. Bruxelles Formation is a type-B public interest organisation managed collectively.

Bruxelles Formation follows a continuous improvement process and seeks to ensure the satisfaction of its users.
A team of over 500 staff distributed across management and 9 training hubs working to help job seekers, transitioning workers and those retraining, with the aim of developing the economic fabric of Brussels.
Our partners: 50 socio-professional integration placement operators, 16 adult education establishments, 4 training organisations for persons with disabilities and 6 Brussels-based vocational training reference centres. Bruxelles Formation also works actively with 12 sector training funds.
A shared goal: to train 20,000 job seekers per year between now and 2020 with our partners, small businesses and traders and VDAB Brussel. 
The results: 15,732 job seekers trained in 2016 (provisional figures) by Bruxelles Formation and its contracted partners. Among whom, 4,256 completed a work placement or on-the-job training. In 2015, 95.1% of our work placement trainees considered they were well-trained. Some 71.7% of those who ave completed training at Bruxelles Formation in 2014 were in work or resumed training or studies in the following year.

Bruxelles Formation website
Bruxelles Formation


Easybrussels is the agency responsible for administrative simplification in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The goal of Easybrussels is to reduce the administrative burden and simplify the procedures for everyone using public services, whether they are citizens or businesses.

Administrative simplification therefore makes it possible to achieve increased efficiency and quality in relations between public services and their users and to meet the needs of today’s society.

​Easybrussels website

The main role of, the Brussels Planning Agency (BBP-BPB) is as a regional expertise centre and the initiator of Brussels’ regional development strategy.

It is responsible for statistics, socio-economic information and strategic and regulatory planning in the Brussels-Capital Region. In addition to these roles, the institution also brings together various strategic ‘services’ to ensure regional development: the team of the Brussels chief architect (bMa), the Schools Facilitator and his team and the Housing Officer.

The combination of different forms of expertise at helps ensure a coherent process for the development of urban projects. website


Evoliris asbl is the Professional ICT Reference Centre (ICT - Information and Communication Technologies) of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Thanks to its technological tools, Evoliris plays a role both in training and in sectoral intelligence, providing information and raising awareness in the IT sector, as well as activities related to harnessing, screening and validating skills.

Evoliris is directed at the following target groups:

  1. Technical IT training for all audiences,
  2. State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities (contact us),
  3. Job seeking assistance (screening of skills and CVs, workshops, simulations/coaching of job interviews),
  4. Validation of skills for PC and network technicians,
  5. Enhancement of occupations, sectors and qualifications,
  6. Sectoral intelligence: analysis of influential IT trends and the needs of the sector.

Evoliris website

Brussels Finances and Budget

Brussels Finances and Budget ensures optimal and transparent management of the Region’s public funds. Its ambition is to become a benchmark, a partner and an innovative centre of excellence as regards budgetary, accounting and financial expertise and control.

Brussels Finances and Budget website
Brussels Finances and Budget (the BRDA's new name) is an autonomous public organisation established in 1974. It is in charge of the urban development of the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) by way of real-estate projects. furthers the BCR’s economic expansion by hosting and anchoring businesses. In order to accomplish this, makes high-quality real-estate infrastructure available to them. This way, it can help them find a suitable location in the different stages of their development. Today, provides them access to a patrimony of some 200 ha of industrial zones and SME parks across 45 sites, 75,000 m2 of spaces for economic activities, 8 business centres and 5 incubators.

Since 1988, has been constructing new housing, partly subsidized by the BCR and intended for citizens with middle incomes.

Lastly, as regional public operator, is involved in the realization of complex projects uniting the production of different kinds of housing, spaces for economic activities, shops, public spaces, collective facilities and everything that can restore a city or neighbourhood or breathe fresh air into it. website

Brussels Regional Public Service Taxation

Brussels Taxation is the taxation public service of the Brussels-Capital Region.
Our goal: to manage the collection of taxes efficiently and effectively, in a conscientious and responsible way for the purpose of better funding our regional public services. We listen to the citizens of Brussels and have an on-line information service on our website and we can also be contacted by email, letter or phone and at our counters.

Brussels Regional Public Service Taxation website
Brussels Regional Public Service Taxation

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